Planning a long journey with the kids?

Posted on August 25th, 2013

Going on holiday is an exciting time for all the family, however the small detail of getting there is usually the least enjoyable part for the kids and it’s often not long before cries of “are we there yet?” start to make a journey somewhat tedious. So why not make the journey fun?!

Some simple travel games are an inexpensive way of keeping the kids entertained, for example:

  • I-spy – a family favourite, easy to play, everyone knows the rules and lots of choice on a long trip.
  • Travel Bingo – this needs a little pre-journey preparation; list (or draw if you’re the artistic type!) items or landmarks which you may encounter along the way and arrange them in a grid e.g. a bridge, a police car, a stop sign, a bus. The first person to mark them all off wins.
  • Car Colours – ask the  kids to choose a colour, the first person to spot 10 cars in their chosen colour wins, simple and soon passes the time.
  • Number Plate Game – pick a number plate at random and make up a phrase which corresponds to the letters, for example, DGQ could be “Ducks Go Quack.” The sillier the phrase, the more fun the game.


For a very long journey, some more high-tech options of entertainment include:

  • Portable DVD Players – bring along the kids’ favourite films.
  • Hand-held Games Consoles – bringing your in-car charger might be useful for this option.


Some other useful tips for your trip:

  • Make the kids comfortable in the car –  allow them to bring a pillow in case they wish to sleep.
  • Invest in some window shades – this will keep the kids cool and block out some light which will help them drift off to sleep.
  • Don’t forget to stop as often as possible – a good leg stretch and some fresh air makes the whole family feel better.


We hope you find these hints and tips useful on your next cottage holiday!