School Summer holiday inspiration

Posted on July 16th, 2019

Bournemouth Beach, DorsetIt’s that time of year again, the school Summer holidays are almost upon us and while children are counting down the days until they have 6 whole weeks of freedom from the classroom, parents may be wondering how to keep the kids entertained for so long!

Sometimes it can be hard to think up new and exciting forms of entertainment each day, especially those which don’t break the bank so we’ve tried to put together a list of activities to inspire you this Summer.


Take a seaside trip – Kids love the beach! Pack up a picnic and get some lovely sea air for the day. Enjoy digging in the sand, paddling in the sea and maybe even a fairground ride or two!

Go fruit picking – This is a brilliant activity for children and adults alike and there’s nothing like a lovely punnet of freshly picked strawberries to enjoy afterwards!

Visit a park –  you may be a regular at your local park but how about looking for other parks in your area? Children (well, the younger ones at least!) can be surprisingly easy to please and seeing a new set of play equipment fills them with excitement. Or stick to your local park, meet up with other friends who have children, bring a picnic and each bring a toy or activity such as a cricket set, a football or a frisbee.

Go for a walk – while this idea alone may not over inspire kids, there are many ways to encourage a good old walk. For example, try a woodland nature trail; write a list of items to spot along the way such as a certain type of leaf, a squirrel, a bridge…the list is endless!

Go to a farm park – UK farm parks have alot to offer for a family day out and generally feature both indoor and outdoor activities,  along with options to either buy lunch there or bring your own picnic.

Make ice lollies – If you’re constantly getting asked for yet another ice lolly, why not make your own healthy ones and get the kids involved. There are so many yummy combinations you could make; here’s one idea we love: chop up a variety of fruit (we like strawberries, mango, and blueberries), add to lolly moulds in layers and fill with coconut water or fruit juice. A refreshing treat and an activity at the same time, win-win!

Baking –  This is something children always love and it doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, some simple biscuits which they can decorate are sure to put a smile on their faces. An added bonus is that it’s quite a calming activity and teaches them about weights and measurements at the same time. Shhh just don’t tell them they’re learning! 

Visit a theme park, zoo or museum  – while these kinds of attractions can sometimes add up for a family, once or twice throughout the holidays they can be a great treat and easily provide a full day of entertainment for all. Some will offer certain discounts, such as a percentage off admission or free admission for a child with a paying adult. A quick internet search will bring up these types of offers; vouchers can also often be found in tourist information leaflets in a local leisure centres or hotel receptions, for example. Also, a surprising number of UK museums are in fact free to enter and will only ask for a voluntary contribution towards its upkeep.

Visit a splash park or outdoor pool –  Kids love splashing about in water and on a hot day, this is a great activity to keep them cool.

Visit a water park – These are often associated with holidays abroad, however, the UK does in fact have a number of indoor water parks which can be enjoyed whatever the weather.

Hopefully this has given you some ideas for the upcoming break but if you feel the whole family needs a complete change of scene, it’s not too late to book a last-minute cottage! Visit to search for current availability.

However you choose to spend the holidays, we hope you have a fantastic Summer!