Why you should consider a staycation for a family holiday

Posted on February 11th, 2018

Trying to plan a holiday abroad with children can be somewhat stressful, so why not think about taking a staycation in a holiday cottage this year? There are so many benefits to taking a UK self-catering holiday!

One of the main advantages of choosing to go self-catering is that you are able to please yourself with what you eat and when. In addition to this, self-catering in the UK means that you are, more often than not, able to shop in supermarket chains you recognise and make home cooked meals your family know and love. Even if you’re somewhere more remote, simply being able to understand the language makes life easier for things such as finding local grocery shops. Plus you can always take a cool bag and pack the car full of basics to tide you over for a day or two while you get your bearings. If you want a break from cooking, finding local restaurants is also easier without a language barrier; you may even be situated close to a chain restaurant that you know your family enjoys and caters well for little ones.

Salcombe Beach, Devon, England

Children don’t always have large amounts of patience when having to navigate through an airport; waiting in various seemingly endless queues can be pretty boring, even for us adults! Not to mention the fact that you feel like you never have enough pairs of hands trying to hold all your bags, cases, passports, boarding cards and jackets. Although a staycation may involve a long car journey, you’ll have alot more space at your disposal for packing various forms of entertainment; trying to retrieve numerous toys and games from the overhead storage on a plane is not always the easiest task! A big benefit of travelling by car is that you’re also in control of stopping along the way and being able to let restless children have a break to stretch their legs or have something to eat and drink. Also for anyone who has ever tried to change a nappy in a plane toilet, being able to stop at a motorway services, a supermarket or anywhere else with baby changing facilities is far more preferable! If you really would dread the thought of any journey over two hours with a small child then you could still get away; even a week away a couple of hours from where you live, such as to the nearest coast, can give the whole family a change of scene.

Flights can be very expensive when you’re thinking of taking the family abroad. Children over two years old are required to have their own seat, and if you have older children, there’s the added expense of being faced with school holiday flight prices as well as inflated accommodation prices. While accommodation anywhere is always going to be more in the school holidays, the fuel prices involved in reaching a UK destination by car will be about the same all year round. Flying also involves the expense of getting to and from the airport at each end and possibly the cost of airport parking, not to mention the unavoidable expense of baggage charges.

Kids love the seaside, it doesn’t matter to them where it is, and even in the UK we often have some lovely hot weeks when the beach can really be enjoyed just as much as one abroad. We list many coastal properties on the Remarkable Holidays website in places such as Devon, Cornwall, the Isle of Wight and the Yorkshire Coast so you won’t be stuck for choice.

As much as we all love a holiday, the fact is that they don’t just happen; they take a good deal of planning and decision making, especially when it comes to travelling with little ones. So give yourself a few less things to think about and search the Remarkable Holidays website to find your perfect family staycation.